Mastercard Pay Pass

The MasterCard PayPass is a convenient new way to pay for purchases whil on-the-go. It is a payment method that allows one to simply tap their MasterCard debit card or credit card at participating retailers that have the PayPass reader. Instead of swiping the card and signing a receipt, all one has to do is tap the card on the PayPass reader when paying at merchants and retailers. This saves consumers time when they are on-the-go. Anyone can use Paypass to pay for groceries, gas, food and clothing.

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There are several key benefits to using the MasterCard Paypass. The card never leaves your hands during check out, so one can’t make unwanted purchases. The card must also be very close to the PayPass reader in order to register a purchase. This safeguard prevents any mistaken purchases. The reader also only bills you once, even if you tap the card more than one time. All transactions are encrypted, ensuring protection from fraud.

The MasterCard PayPass has also introduced technology that will allow consumers to shop with their Smartphones. A tiny chip is embedded into PayPass-enabled Smartphones that will transmit payment details. All one has to do is tap their Smartphone on the PayPass reader while the PayPass application is enabled on the Smartphone. This application is available on both Androids and iPhones. The MasterCard PayPass can also be enabled on a key fob or mobile payment tag. The choice is yours when determining what item that you want to use.

Signing up for a MasterCard PayPass is very easy. All one has to do is visit the official Mastercard website and apply directly to a card issuer. From there, the special card will be made and sent directly to you through the mail. Some banks already offer the MasterCard PayPass with their checking debit cards or credit cards.